GBWhatsApp Pro-A Comprehensive Guide to Changing Font in GB WhatsApp


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GB WhatsApp has always been popular for its ability to change font, setting it apart from the original WhatsApp. Many online promotions highlight the large variety of fonts available on GB WhatsApp, allowing users to choose their preferred font from a vast library to customize their homepage. Best of all, this feature is free and ad-free, which explains why many users prefer GB WhatsApp over the original version that offers limited font options.

Here are the simple steps to change font in GBWhatsApp Pro (GB WhatsApp):

  • Open GB WhatsApp and select CHATS.
  • Click on the vertical three-dot pattern located in the top right corner of the screen to reveal various options.
  • Select GBMods and then click on Universal.
  • Choose Style (Look and feel) and click on it to change the font.
  • Scroll down to find Font Style and click on it to see the various font options available.
  • Choose the font you prefer by clicking on it.
  • Once you have selected the font, go back to the GB WhatsApp homepage, and you will notice the font has changed to the one you have chosen.

You can easily change the font on GBWhatsApp Pro (GB WhatsApp). Don't hesitate to try it out and customize your chat experience!

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